Join the JASNA-Southern Arizona Region at the Tucson Botanical Gardens for a day devoted to Jane Austen!  Registration is open to JASNA members and their guests and to anyone with an interest in Austen and her works.  Advance registration is required.

Program Highlights 

  • "Seeing and Being Seen in Northanger Abbey" by Dr. Timothy Erwin
    Dr. Erwin, Professor of English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the 2017 JASNA Traveling Lecturer, will suggest a parallel between the exaggerated humor of Austen’s most whimsical novel and the sudden flourishing of caricature and comic prints from the 1770s forward.  Using images from Thomas Rowlandson, James Gillray, and other comic artists, he will show how Austen’s punch lines often reflect the visual culture of her day.

  •  "Shakespearian Comedy and Austen's Emma: Some Explorations" by Dr. Peter Medine
    There are similarities but also great differences between Shakespeare and Austen, and Dr. Medine, Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Arizona, Tucson, will compare two aspects of Austen's novel and The Bard's plays: the plot structure, which is comedic but also highly nuanced, and the development of the comic heroine. Medine will explore them mainly with reference to Viola in Twelfth Night and Rosalind in As You Like It.

  •  “Janne on Jane” by Dr. Janne Irvine
    Music was important to amateur pianist Jane Austen, and she often commented on the musical skills and tastes of her characters to convey information about them.  Dr. Irvine, pianist and musicologist, will entertain us with a recital featuring music from Austen’s era, interwoven with conversation about her novels.

  • Explore the Tucson Botanical Gardens
    We will set aside time for attendees to explore the Botanical Gardens and two special exhibits:  Butterfly Magic and Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life, a blockbuster exhibit on loan from The New York Botanical Garden until May 31, 2017.   The admission fee is included in your Jane Austen Day registration.  

Event Details

  Saturday, April 1
9:15 am-10:00 am:  Sign-in, Coffee and Tea, and Conversation
10:00 am-3:00 pm:  Program

LOCATION:  Tucson Botanical Gardens
2150 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 
For information on the Gardens and directions:  visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens website

COST:  $32 per person
Includes program, lunch, and access to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and exhibits

How to Register


REGISTRATION FORM:   Click here to print the Jane Austen Day Registration form.  Please mail it with your check -- made payable to "JASNA S. AZ" -- to the address on the form.

Email the JASNA Program Chairs at