About Us

JASNA-Southern Arizona was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen's writing.  Our mission is to foster the study, appreciation, and understanding of her works, life, and genius in Tucson and the surrounding area.

We are a diverse group with members of all ages and from all walks of life, and we enjoy getting together 10 to 12 times a year to share our interest in Jane Austen through book discussions, speaker events, a Jane Austen Weekend, a "Box Hill" picnic, and an annual tea celebrating Jane Austen's birthday in December.  

In 2006 we had the honor of hosting JASNA's Annual General Meeting in Tucson, focusing on the theme "Fresh Perspectives on Mansfield Park."  Details of the conference are available on the 2006 JASNA AGM website.